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We buy all OO Gauge Model Railway Items - Locomotives, Coaches, Wagons, Train Sets

Premier Model Railways buy good quality OO Gauge model railway items including locomotives, train sets, train packs, rolling stock, engines, coaches, carriages and wagons.

Boxed and unboxed. All makes and models will be considered.

If you would like to sell your items e-mail Grant [email protected] or call 07901 656804

Please Note: The items in these photos are not for sale and meant for examples only.

OO Gauge

OO gauge is a popular model train scale in the United Kingdom. It is 1:76 scale, which means that 1 inch on the model represents 76 inches on the real world object. OO gauge trains are typically made of metal and plastic, and they can be powered by batteries or electricity.

OO gauge trains were first introduced in the early 1900s. They were originally designed to be used by children, but they quickly became popular with adults as well. OO gauge trains are the most common type of model train in the UK.

OO gauge trains can be used to create a variety of different layouts. Some people choose to create realistic layouts that represent real-world locations. Others choose to create more imaginative layouts that are not based on anything in the real world.

OO gauge trains can be a lot of fun to collect and operate. They can also be a great way to learn about history and engineering. If you are interested in selling your O Gauge to avid collectors, get in touch with us today.

Hornby OO Gauge Locomotive DJH Brass White Metal Kits - NER/LNER H1 Class Locomotive - Premier Model Railways

What OO Gauge do we buy?

Many makes including the popular Hornby and Bachmann, Mainline and Airfix, Dapol and Wrenn and more. From tender driven locomotives to DCC Ready trains. Rolling stock and scenery including wagons, carriages, brake vans, freight wagons, buildings and platforms. All kits whether they are built or still in their original packaging.

K's Kit Built GWR DUke Locomotive - Premier Model Railways
Hornby BR Pull Push Coaches Train Pack - Premier Model Railways
Bachmann Limited Edition Coach - Premier Model Railways
Hornby Scenery - Premier Model Railways
Hornby Wagons - Premier Model Railways
OO Gauge Locomtive - Premier Model Railways
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