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Ace Trains O Gauge GWR Castle Class 4-6-0 Caerphilly Castle R/N 4073 Elec 3 Rail E/7
Ace Trains O Gauge GWR Castle Class 4-6-0 Pendennis Castle R/N 4079 Elec 3 Rail E/7 GWR Castle Class
E/7 Warwick Castle R/N 4081 GWR Green
E/7 Windsor Castle R/N 4082 GWR Green
E/7 Harlech Castle R/N 4095 GWR Green
E/7G Bristol Castle R/N 7013 BR Green LNER A1/A3 Class Locomotive
E/6 Windsor Lad R/N 2500 LNER Doncaster Green
E/6 Grand Parade R/N 2744 LNER Doncaster Green
E/6 Papyrus R/N 2750 LNER Doncaster Green
E/6 Flying Scotsman R/N 4427 Flying Scotsman LNER Doncaster Green


Bachmann Railways 32-529 Branchline Class 55 Deltic Diesel D9017 Durham Light Infantry BR 2 tone green
32-876 LMS Fairburn Class R/N 42096 BR Lined Black
32-879 LMS Fairburn Class R/N 42267 BR Lined Black
31-726 GWR City Class City of Bath R/N 3433
32-003 GWR Hall Class Kinlet Hall R/N 4936 GWR Green
31-212 LMS Patriot Duke of Sutherland R/N 5541 LMS Maroon
31-187 LMS Jubilee Nelson R/N 5664
32-553 LNER Peppercorn Class A1 North British R/N 60161 BR Blue
32-552 LNER Peppercorn Class A1 North Eastern R/N 60147 BR Green
31-653 Class 47(Modified) Co-Co Sir Walter Scott R/N 47710
32-531 DC Class 55 Deltic Co-Co The Prince of Wales own Regiment of Yorkshire R/N 9005

Dapol Railways N Gauge

ND-205A Class 27 Bo-Bo Locomotive R/N D5356
2D-001-003 Class 33 Bo-Bo Locomotive R/N D6597
ND-202B Class 52 Western Co-Co R/N D1029 Locomotive Western Legionaire
ND-210D Class 66 Low Emission Co-Co Locomotive "Derby County"

Graham Farish OO Gauge

SR Bullied Pacific Locomotives
R/N 21C25 Brocklebank Line
R/N 21C103 Plymouth
R/N 21C90 Sir Eustace Missenden

Graham Farish by Bachmann N Gauge

372-578 LMS Rebuilt Royal Scot Locomotive "Royal Scot" R/N 6100

Hornby Dublo

Hornby Dublo EDLT20 GWR Castle Class Bristol City 4-6-0 BR Green 3 Rail R/N 7013
Hornby Dublo 2220 GWR Castle Class Denbigh Castle 4-6-0 BR Green 2 Rail
Hornby Dublo 2221 GWR Castle Class Cardiff Castle 4-6-0 BR Green 2 Rail R/N 4075
Hornby Dublo 2235 BR Rebuilt West Country Class 4-6-2 Barnstaple BR Green R/N 34005
Hornby Dublo 3221 GWR Castle Class Ludlow Castle 4-6-0 BR Green EDLT R/N 5002
Hornby Dublo 3235 BR Rebuilt West Country Class 4-6-2 Dorchester BR Green R/N 34042

LMS Duchess Class
EDL 12 Duchess of Montrose BR Gloss Green R/N 46232
2226 City of London BR Maroon R/N 46245
EDL2 Duchess of Atholl R/N 6231
3226 City of Liverpool BR Maroon R/N 46247

LNER Class A4
EDL1 Sir Nigel Gresley LNER Blue R/N 4498
EDL11 Silver King BR Green R/N 60016
3211 Mallard BR Green R/N 60022
2211 Golden Fleece BR Green R/N 60030

LMS Class 8F 2-8-0
3225 BR Black R/N 48158
2224 BR Black R/N 48073
3224 BR Black R/N 48094

Hornby Railways


Wrenn Railways

Wrenn BR Bullied Pacific

W2235 Barnstaple
W2236 Dorchester
W2236A Bodmin
W2237 Lyme Regis
W2238 Clan Line
W2239 Eddystone

Wrenn SR Streamlined Bullied Pacific
Southern Green
W2265A Fighter Pilot
W2266 Plymouth BR Blue
W2267 Lamport & Holt Line BR Green
W2265 Winston Churchill
W2266A City of Wells (Golden Arrow)
W2266AX City of Wells
W2275/5P Hurricane
W2277 Spitfire

W2221 Cardiff Castle BR Green R/N 4075
W2221A Bristol Castle BR Green R/N 7013
W2221B Brecon Castle BR Light Green R/N 5023
W2222 Devizes Castle Great Western Green R/N 7002
W2223 Windsor Castle BR Blue R/N 4082
W2247 Clun Castle Great Western Green R/N 7029

LNER Class A4 Locomotives
W2209 Golden Eagle LNER Green RN 4482
W2209A Golden Snipe LNER Green RN 4495
W2210 Mallard RN 4468
W2211A Silver Link 60014
W2212A Sir Nigel Gresley LNER Blue RN 4498
W2213 Peregrine NE RN 4903
W2213A Gannet NE RN 4900
W2413 Bittern Limited Edition RN 4464

LMS Duchess Class
W2226 City of London BR Maroon RN 46245
W2227 City of Stoke on Trent LMS Black RN 6254
W2228 City of Birmingham BR Green RN 46235
W2229 City of Glasgow BR Blue RN 46242
W2229A City of Manchester BR Blue RN 46246
W2241 Duchess of Hamilton LMS Black RN 6229
W2242 City of Liverpool LMS Maroon RN 6247

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